Branding Web Development July 15, 2021


We’ve created a modern visual system and strategy to embrace the new journey of the organization. With so tight a deadline, a new website emerged fast and with a lot of new features.


Continue 10+ years of organization's excellence and build a unique website to represent that legacy.

  • Strategy

    Design Direction, Brand Strategy

  • Design

    Web Development, ReBranding

  • Client

    YIHR BiH - Inicijativa mladih

Open Project
01 // Project overview

Tradition meets
modern for
creating digital.

Tradition and dedication were our main focus during the companies rebranding. Web development optimization was our first step to building our online presence.

We gave our best to fulfill every wish while maintaining speed and clean design.

02 // Challenges

We made a new system for the forthcoming.

The organization from Sarajevo needed an introduction and masterclass about the CMS environment. Since they built a legacy as a youth initiative, new technologies must have been adapted.

03 // Statistics

Yihr by the numbers.


Web Design

Build your online presence across the whole platform.


CMS Integrations

Software-enabled platforms to completely change the way you interact with the audience.


Markets Campaigns

Prepare and get ready for future generations.


Employee Satisfaction

Our goal is satisfaction from the clients.

New Partnerships

Build your brand!

We help our clients succeed by creating their brand identities, digital experiences, and connections. Our modern and cutting-edge approach is fundamental in achieving marketing goals.

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